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Friday, January 4, 2013

31Ways2GetItStarted™!: January 4, 2013

Day 4: Just Do It for 15 Minutes

Ha! Admit it: You were all thinking I had given up, and you could safely go back to watching Futurama re-runs on the sofa, in dirty sweatpants, with a mug o' wine, a Krazystraw and a jar of chocolate frosting...ohmylordwhyaminotdoingthatrightnow! On the other hand, those of you who have already worked with me, are laughing bitterly at the thought of me ever giving up an opportunity to nag COACH you. (Though honestly: if you do happen to have said box o' wine, straw and chocolate frosting at your abode and you need someone to hang out your girl up, you know what I'm sayin'?!) Short answer...this is only day 4, b*tches, I can do this FOREVER. Give in to the dark side and just get it over with. Resistance is irritating to my ego.*


My hint for day four is: Do it (whatever "it" might be) for just 15 minutes. Stop fretting, stop whining to the cats (they don't speak English, and even if they did, they're cats, they don't give a sh*t! Cats live to ignore you....have you just met them?) and just do, for fifteen f**king minutes, whatever it is you'd like to accomplish; whether it's going to the gym, learning Russian, networking, writing a novel. Whatever it is, invest 15 precious minutes of your life--15 minutes you'd otherwise spend on Gawker, or YouPorn or Cuteoverload--on YOURSELF...and then see what happens. 

What usually happens is that you do it for 15 minutes, and you look up and whoa, in actuality, 45 minutes has passed and you think,"Oh...hey! Look at that, look at all the shit I got done, look at how exciting my goal is! Carlota is brilliant, wow, and always right, and adorable!" (Oh, don't give me that look; it's my blog, punk! On your blog, you can be brilliant.) Even if, on the other hand, you can only tolerate 15 minutes of some activity...well not only might that be a wake-up call that this particular activity isn't one of your organic goals...but hey, better to do 15 minutes than nothing, right? Because nothing tends to only lead to large amounts of more nothing-ness. Doing nothing is not going to help you lose weight...or learn French...or start a business. Not last time I checked. On the other hand, just 15 minutes a day, for example, of writing a play could, eventually, have you end up with a great work of art. Or you could end up having written Chess The Musical, oy, in which case, perhaps achieving your potential is over-rated? I kid, I kid! I LOVE your potential: it's sexy as hell!

Also, let's say you do 15 minutes a day, and you end up with a novel, for example. Whatever eventually happens with that novel, whether it wins the National Book Award, or you self-publish it...YOU. CREATED. THIS. You did this, you sexy mofo! You set this goal and you carried it through to completion. Take a moment to appreciate that! I promise you, once you've experienced'll all be downhill. Your goals will get bigger, your opportunities will expand, things will get more and more exciting. 

However. If you don't finish what you started, your opportunities and your world will start shrinking. You'll start doubting everything about yourself. Your world will get smaller and smaller. So don't think so much, about where you'll end up, focus on how liberating the process is!

Want some help figuring out how to isolate that first 15 minutes of getting started? Visit my Facebook business page, Carlotaworldwide Creativity Yenta, become a fan and I'll give you a free consultation. You can also email me You know what to do...!

*Loving me means loving all of me.

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