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31Ways2GetItStarted™! (January 2013)

Starting Tuesday, January 1, 2013, I’ll be offering "31Ways2GetItStarted!™,” which, as the #hashtag suggests, are 31 low-cost, bite-sized,™ totally realistic ideas for starting and then continuing to create positive change in your life. Whatever it is you want to change, whether it's personal or professional, or both, every day in January 2013, I’ll be giving you approachable solutions which are free and guaranteed to help you make the changes important to you!

Now, deep breath: I know that many people are already experiencing a general freak-out, as their anxiety drastically rises due to all the pressure we put on ourselves to make each January the one! Each New Year is going to be the beginning of our most amazing, successful, sexy, Technicolor, perfect, magical (fill-in-the-blank) lives yet. No pressure! #oy

Relax. Breathe into this paper bag and have a drink.That’s not what these changes are about. These changes are about a little thing I like to call “reality.” (Heard of it?) These changes are small, step-by-step, manageable changes. You don’t need to spend any money, you don’t need a special wardrobe, and you really don't need to hate yourself as you are, since that's not helpful. No, all you need is to have the desire to commit to yourself. The desire to value yourself. Because, here’s the catch: these so-called “small” changes can and will revolutionize your life in HUGE ways...if you stick with them. Don’t believe it? There’s 31 days in January…let’s see what happens! #bringiton



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