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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lunch Lessons

Waiting--not long, btw--for my lunch date to show this afternoon, I overheard this conversation between group of businessmen at the table next to mine.
1st guy: "...he was just a mess, man, food all over the place, no napkin! The thought of having that pig in my office, day after day...couldn't do it! Just couldn't do it."
2nd guy: "But before you had lunch, you were going to hire him?"
1st guy: "If you'd seen him, seen the way he ate...such a pig."
3rd guy:" How old was he? Was he just a kid?"
1st guy: "27, maybe 28? Old enough."

Oh my. That is the epitome of no es bueno. Now, I don't post this to make you lovely people freak out, or become anorexics and stop eating in public, but to realize that when you're applying for work, or just generally relating to your network, every single thing counts. You are always presenting, so make sure it's in a favorable light.

Some of you are rolling your eyes at me, thinking, "Ugh, gross, Carlota who cares? Who'd want to work with those people anyway?" Well, that is true. Perhaps that kid dodged a bullet...but so did his prospective office-mates right? Have you ever worked in an office with someone who was a slob...or wasn't fastidious about her personal hygiene...or was so disorganized that he could never complete a project on time? Have you ever tried to make your deadline while covering breaking news with those people? I know that our Judeo-Christian society says that murder is (technically) wrong, but I had quite a few colleagues in TV news whom I felt fairly sure that had I killed them, Jesus would have kind of shrugged and given me a pass. I mean, maybe he would have felt obligated to say: "Okay, you know, everyone gets one...just try not to let it happen again."

Hiring managers want to bring people into their office who will positively promote the company's brand/mission, instead of making their co-workers cringe or stage a palace revolt in anguish. Your social skills are just as important as any other skills, in fact, more important...because if you can't master the social, it's doubtful--especially in our current cut-throat economy--that you'll ever be in a position to demonstrate your other skills. Or, see how effectively "Saturday Night Live" made the point:

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