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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Since I've become serious about using my business Facebook page (just writing those three words makes me automatically feel like I'm a senior citizen...and then I start thinking about what a useful magazine AARP puts out... and then I get really cranky and need to go date some 25 year old boy and prove I am not an old person dammit...though increasingly, I do refer to it as "The Facebooks"...dammit!), I've had this tremendous uptick in business, learned a huge amount about marketing, reached out to oodles of new clients, been able to reach those clients in new and improved ways yadda yadda yadda.

Therefore, in light of all that I've learned from The Facebook, and how much time we--the general human and some feline-- population spend on it, I've been thinking:...if you're unemployed, or under-employed, or seeking to transition to a new industry, for example...why not create a Facebook page around that desire?

Now, I know for some people, especially those people who are 1) unemployed and 2) raised in a Judeo-Christian shame-based culture, the idea of putting out there in the world your status as an unemployed person, and letting everyone kind of insanely depressing. It can make you want to start the day with a Judy Garland-inspired cocktail of straight vodka and Ambien. #good times.

 But how about you turn that frown upside down, Sunshine and realize that pretty much everyone has been unemployed, or underemployed or a fan of Judy at some point in their lives and that the more you own your status...the better your chances of putting you and all your unique talents in front of as many people as possible, which in turn dramatically increases the odds that someone, somewhere is going to notice your page, see who you are, see your skills and what you're looking for and think,"Oh, hey...I know someone who could hire this kid in a minute!" Whereas, the alternative route, of being drunk by 3pm in the afternoon, semi-nude and drooling on the sofa is unlikely to get you any legit job offers. Unlikely, but you are correct: not completely out of the question. Maybe things have loosened up at the State Department. #YOLO!

So, for example, let's say you decide to humor me and put up a page: first of all, you have to be as clear as possible with your (potential) audience as to: who you are; your skills, experience and education; what type of work you're looking for (do not make the audience guess since, after all, this is The Facebooks, and between guessing and going to look at pictures of will always lose. In fact, never ever make the audience guess as to what kind of job help you want since they won't guess. They just won't care.)...and some of your unique, personal flavor. All of that could be the nuts and bolts of  your "about" section of the page.

Then, your status updates could relate the types of job interviews you've had; networking you're doing; if you've written articles, or have a professional Twitter account, you could feature them and link them to the page. If you've been interviewed on TV, or other social media channels, I'd put that there. If you're engaged in resolving issues important your field, this is an excellent place to start discussions. If you're doing research, attending conferences, talking to other people in the field...put all of that on your page so people see that this is not merely a job for you, it is a passion.  If you're an attorney with an interest in immigration, for example, this type of page would be an excellent forum to discuss issues of law, give (qualified) advice, talk about related news, even post in other languages. That way, potential employers see how engaged you are in your field and get a strong idea of all you bring to the table. Not only are you telling, you're showing, which is much more important. And obviously, think of this page as the ultimate way to network: the more people who see it, the more people who know you need a job, which means the better your chances.

Say, for example, you're a cartoonist: this would be the perfect forum to regularly post your latest cartoons, so people can see your talent for themselves. If you're a writer, trying to get published, or an actor trying to get noticed, this is an excellent way to capture people's attention, create a platform...and by extension, create some leverage.You can put up videos and pictures of yourself and your work, etc. etc...

Whatever kind of work it is you're trying to get--from acting, to getting published, to finding your own small country to rule (#jealous)--the more you embrace your page, and put up relevant, unique, intelligent and interesting content...the more people you will engage in your page, therefore expanding your network, therefore expanding your skills and your leverage...therefore expanding your opportunities.

Don't believe a silly little The Facebook page can do all that? Email me @ and I'll help you create it and then we'll see, my fine-feathered friend, we'll see! 

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