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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Women who snap...

I'm a little crankier than usual today, for three reasons: 1) one of my attorneys--Oh, doesn't that sound glamorous?#itsnot--just told me he was going to be out of the office for the rest of the week, which goes completely against the laws of physics which clearly state that all attorneys are to be slaving, while I'm the one who gets to have fun; 2) I've been watching way, waaay too many episodes of "Snapped"    
(women losing their sh*t & doing dastardly deeds of murder...hold on, I have to get more popcorn and vodka and turn off the phone, so the Kitten and I can focus.); and crucially 3): what is it with clients who get all offended and outraged, outraged, when I suggest that they consider going into therapy, so they can work on resolving certain issues which are blocking them from achieving their fullest professional potential...?

When did trying to productively help people become such a dirty thing? Must have missed that memo. I don't understand how my desire to help you find a professional to work through some crucial moments of your life, to resolve some negative programming of your childhood... means that I think less of you. Wouldn't it necessarily mean I think even more of you, because I believe you could achieve so much more, if you would simply stop sabotaging yourself because perhaps when you were a kid, your father routinely made you feel disgusting and unworthy of love? This is what makes me even crankier than watching a spoiled suburban brat "mastermind" (#snort) the murder of her far-too-generous mom (Taylor Marks, "Snapped" Season 8), this insanity ! When I'm trying to help you, and you act like I'm the a$$hole. Oh.

Because here's the point: a lot of people are in a lot of pain. Pain stemming from their childhoods, their relationship with the parents, their families, themselves. Pain that can be (temporarily) medicated, but otherwise, never goes away. Right, read that sentence again: it never goes away. Not unless you take action and commit to being honest with yourself, and forgiving yourself and all of that incredibly important, incredibly difficult happy horseshit.

So, riddle me this: if you're going to be in pain anyway...why wouldn't you choose to make that pain "useful," by seeking help from a trained professional who can attempt to guide you to some self-knowledge? All together now: because we don't want to confront the pain! Who would? I get that, but newsflash: you are anyway! Even when you're medicating, or ignoring, or blocking, you're still confronting the pain. Making all of your life choices in opposition to the great unmentionable kind of makes the unmentionable the one in charge, and not Si.

So,yes: I am cranky. Cranky because people think there's some magical solution to being happy...invariably the same people who presume I have no idea how horrendous their lives are since mine has clearly always been glorious. #sigh

I sense another "Snapped" marathon coming on (#goodtimes), but perhaps someone will read this rant and think,"...oh, wait: so maybe she means that eventually, through therapy and self-awareness and courage...the pain really does go away?"

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