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How I Can Help You

You might need a Creativity Yenta™  in your life, if...

You're a recent law school grad, trying to figure out how to create a viable career for yourself that does not include document review, or waiting tables, or weeping... but does include you developing your legal skills and becoming a successful attorney on your own terms.

You're a solo practitioner, trying to expand your practice, and you need guidance in using social media, networking, developing resources and opportunities, and generally building your brand.

You're an actor, or musician, or other performer, with or without an agent, but with a lot of talent, ambition and drive, who is seeking to create professional opportunities through differentiating and branding yourself.

Your professional career has hit a wall, and you can't figure out what to do, or where you're going, or why. And you realize you could really benefit from having someone in your corner, who can envision fortuitous possibilities for you, as well as the step-by-step realistic strategies necessary to create those possibilities.

You have a serious career issue to resolve, but you're just not sure how to go about finding the relevant information. I can do the research necessary, and help you determine what you need to know and do, in order to protect your interests!

You spend more time in the office fighting with co-workers, and even your boss, than actually doing the job you were hired to do. I can help you understand which situations you can resolve, and how, as well as understanding those situations from which the only resolution is a timely exit.

I've helped clients negotiate raises, change careers, launch Kickstart campaigns, network effectively and transition to new industries. I've also helped clients create unique social media marketing campaigns, start small businesses, or differentiate their existing businesses. I can probably help you!

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