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Due to my diverse background, I am able to empathize with, and nurture, a wide variety of clients. I could probably even help you!  If you hire me, I become your advocate: I'm 100% in your corner, but with the emotional distance to see clearly. (That does indeed include kvetching at you, if you start slacking off...but hey, that's a bonus.)

As a 2007 graduate of Indiana University-Bloomington Maurer School of Law, I understand what today's attorneys are up against in a legal economy, that is both shrinking and glutted with talent. Today's successful attorneys must constantly seek to differentiate and promote themselves in new and improved ways. I've worked with solo practitioners, helping them to more effectively brand themselves, thus improving their business opportunities in a very competitive market. I've also consulted with so-called "Big Law" attorneys who are interested in improving their career paths, or even considering transferring their skills to a different industry.

As a produced playwright, I have an intimate understanding of just how challenging it is to be an artist. I am
able to coach actors, musicians, painters and writers--to name but a few--who are seeking dynamic ways to promote themselves, and by extension, their art. Social media has given artists the ability to reach people in ways both immediate and intimate, ways that would once have been unimaginable. The opportunities are out there. If you, as an artist, are not taking advantage of social media, you're doing yourself and your talent a grave disservice.I passionately believe that the artists who choose to market themselves according to a solid if ground-breaking business model are the best situated to take advantage of all of that is available in the world and truly launch their careers.

After graduating Wellesley College, I moved to Moscow, Russia, where I got my start in TV news with NBC News. I spent my twenties working in TV news, in Russia, Washington, D.C. and NYC. Therefore, I also am able to help media professionals, who are looking to improve their careers in any number of ways.

I have an insider's perspective and instincts as regards the importance of marketing, branding and other methods of human communication. My background allows me to help many different types of clients with diverse goals.Please check out my LinkedIn profile for further information about my background.

Interested? Come on: a smart, hot girl who can both inspire you and make you laugh...of course you're interested!

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