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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Regrets/I've had a few/but then again/too few to mention...

Tempted as I am, on this already sweltering & sticky day in NYC, to whinge at length about the fact that I have the theme song to "Sanford & Son" stuck in my head (Don't ask.), I should attempt to be (semi) professional, so instead...I'm speaking at the NewLife Expo on June 10th (6pm!) about "Becoming the Hero of Your Life: 10 Quickie Steps to Reinventing Yourself" and while the presentation itself is pretty much done, just tweaking, I'm brooding about how much weight to give the "learn-from-your-mistakes-or-die" part. Perhaps not literally die, but die in the sense that 1) fear kills and 2) if you don't learn, you keep making the same mistake, till you get bored or frustrated and eventually give up. And yet so many people HATE to make mistakes. Which is fascinating. I don't particularly like to make mistakes either, but since I would prefer my business take off, so I don't have to make my living posing on street corners with The Kitten, and letting tourists take their photo with him for cash, I think I'll take door number 2 please and continue on making AND LEARNING FROM my mistakes. (Though, if there are people willing to pay me for photographic rights to The Kitten...hey, whatever gets you through the night, right? Cash upfront, please.)

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