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Friday, June 3, 2011

National Donut Day

So today, according to the Interwebs, is National Donut Day (which, interestingly enough, came the day after the  government released the food pyramid's replacement, the "Nutrition Plate") and considering I slept about 3 solid hours due to a sick pet and being swamped with work, and the NY Times is reminded me, yet again, that we're all going to die/be unemployed forever/lose America's sterling credit rating/and some filler piece about "off-the-wall" trends...Ima hold on to the idea of National Donut Day. Seriously.
Remember how when you were a grumpy teenager you couldn't wait to become an adult? Clearly, we had no idea how--comparatively--good we had it. I mean, besides the whole living with your parents and having homework and the fact that I proudly wore these white jeans with "artistic" neon paint strokes (though honestly: I could sell those damn jeans for literally hundreds of dollars in Billyburg today!), that was like a calm blue ocean compared with running a small business in a crap economy. I'm not complaining--things are very exciting...and I'd rather not have to listen to Richard Marx again--but today I just need to focus on it being National Donut Day.

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