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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Today I am officially marking my independence from my need for prestige. I just don't care anymore. I simply cannot waste anymore time on being so-called prestigious or impressing anyone with my degrees (and the attached debt-load)...f**k it, I ain't got the time. I'm trying to run a viable business here, not a masturbatory hobby so I have to adjust to the market's desires...and dislikes. If I can't do it, if I can't use what I learned at Wellesley and law school to help make my business desirable to the people it's supposed to help...than, what's the point? (You're right if you guessed that I am, once again, very cranky.)
I'm just sick of people being unable to open their minds to the recession-inspired reality, and understand that however fancy-schmancy your resume might be...guess what, there's always going to be someone else with a better one. Psych! Back in 2008, I started this business, honestly, as a hobby. I say "hobby" because I had the misguided idea that since I didn't want to have to sell to human resources people anymore...oh, I'd start my own business and not have to hustle. Oh my. Because, as all small business owners know, all you do in small business is sell, sell and sell some more. Come on, I was younger then...
But now, forget it: no time for hobbies, or prestige, or sitting around thinking I'm any kind of hawt sh*t: none of those things will pay the rent, or get me more clients. Especially not wasting your life hooked on prestige...

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