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Thursday, July 21, 2011

While in a more intelligent world (ha!), this article about people being haunted by all of the insane sh*t they post online, would not have to be written (duh!), I can personally guarantee that several hundred (really, hundred thousand) will read it and be shocked, shocked; while, and this might be worse, another hundred or hundred thousand, will think, "well, that doesn't apply to me," and blissfully continue to post nekkid pics of themselves; pics of their drugs; racist/retarded status updates; various illegal activities; their support of Michele Bachman...etc.

True story: I interned once for a certain (in)famous NY Senator (not the naked one, BTW) and a fellow intern, showing me his Facebook page, which seem primarily composed of photos of him doing keg-stands or smoking blunts, or having sex, casually told me---WITH A STRAIGHT FACE--that he planned on holding elected office one day. Elected office in the United States of America, to be clear. Not in like the Sudan, where the Internet probably only works every third year. Those poor people are probaby looking at "I can haz cheesburger" postings from years ago...

Now, to be fair, given some of the political scandals that have erupted in the past few years, I'm sure a few of you are all, ", nu?" Right, but you still have to be electable before you can destroy yourself, yes?This troll truly didn't get it; he thought his photos were fine, totally fine, what's the problem?

Some of my various mens might read this post and giggle, since I myself have not always acted super appropriately when it comes to the Interwebs and modesty. On the other hand, 1) those photos are hot as hell, son (trust me!) and 2) I'm self-employed! I'm not running for office! Loving me means loving all of me!
I'm not going to be shocked, shocked when "someone" (cough cough) sells those photos to the tabloids...not like the people in these articles who are posting photos of themselves with guns, or naked or whatever and then applying to corporate America for jobs.

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