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Monday, August 22, 2011

So, I recently watched Gomorrah (I know, I know, the movie's from 2008 and I'm just discussing it. Next week this new film called, Star Wars, and why light-sabers are kewl! But listen: being self-employed means 1) I'm always working, dammit, and 2) when I get to watch a movie, I kind of need to turn my brain off, which means...X-Files.)
Back to Gomorrah: astonishing. The neo-realist, hyper-intelligent way it's shot, with the camera like a fly on the wall; the contrasting, fascinating vignettes; the sense it gives one of being in the thick of the action. Can't recommend it highly enough. But despite all the bloodshed, the shooting, the over-the-top Italian gangsters, the vignette that resonated most strongly, was that of the tailor who sees his talents thwarted, when other people think he's running with the wrong crowd. There's a scene near the end, when the tailor looks back upon his life, that has no dialogue, just simply shows his probably should be mandatory viewing for everyone who wants to write for the screen. (That sounds pretentious, I know, but trust me: it's stunning.)
An incredible film with an incredible vision of modern-day Italian society on the brink of collapse, but afterwards, I was most struck with the image of the talented tailor, forced to abandon his talent in order to save his life.  

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