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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Woman On Top

It is true that I am quite ill--I have bronchitis, which is even more fun in the summer--and The Kitten is reacting with his usual which I mean, all he notices is that I'm less interested in playing with him, and I'm pretty sure that if I perished, he'd eat my remains. Then, look at dewy-eyed and innocent when the cops bust the door down. (Um, where was I going with this...? Oh, that's right: I'm sick!) Anyhoo.
But I'm putting it down to my weakened mental state, that this morning, the enormity of what it truly means to be self-employed hit me and I may have had a mini-freak out. I say "mini" only because in my weakened state, I don't have the energy to truly lose my sh*t...but it was pretty scary.
The enormity of what it means in every aspect to own a small business, to be responsible for EVERYTHING, from keeping the lights on to advertising, to creating a marketing plan, to getting clients (aka non-stop triage) which all really comes full circle to keeping the lights on...(insert the Psycho theme music here). It ain't pretty. This is why more people choose NOT to achieve their full potential: it's terrifying. I'm joking, but not really...
I mean, being self-employed is magnificent when it works, and the clients are being empowered, and recommending you to their friends, and people want to interview you, and other people say, "oh, you changed my life," and you feel like those gang-banging Dougherty triplets must have, before Five-Oh caught up with them...but alas, that's not every day. [On a semi-related note: how depressing is it, that given those kids' complete inability to succeed at anything intelligent in their lives, their short-lived notoriety probably was the best thing that ever happened to them...? I mean, the sister, Lee-Grace, worked for a time as a stripper, and when her former manager was interviewed about her, he said, "She did nothing to make an impression on anybody."
If you're thinking I'm some kind of limousine liberal, simma down, I'm to the right of Stalin when it comes to law and order, and these kids are morons. They deserve what they have coming to them.I'm just making the point that in their small, pathetic lives...those moments of pathetic notoriety were probably the most interesting things they ever truly experienced, outside of playing video-games. Anyhoo.
Today, I'm sick, I'm cranky, I'm allergic to broke...yes, today I'm feeling a little bit like I may have bitten off more than I can chew, but I am notorious for having a big mouth so have no fear: Ima make it work, son. I'll end up on top...since that is my favorite position.
(Oh, don't give me that look; get a sense of humor. It'll make you live longer.)

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