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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

On the sunny side of the street

I did a quick session this am with an old friend/client--so old that she can call me bossy, and I just sort of chuckle. So old that I remember hanging out with her when we were in 3rd grade, giggling and reading back issues of People magazine and being stupid...--and the best part of helping her, was getting to re-experience her sunny, upbeat, optimism.
Did that make some of you choke on your bile? I don't blame you. I do adore snotty humor and love me some snark, there's a reason why The Onion makes me chortle out loud on the subway, but I also have tremendous respect for people who can truly see the glass (of life) as half-full. (Oh, that sounded like a bad 1990s emo girl group lyric...)
My friend is in the process of receiving her master's degree, she has three (gorgeous) kids, her husband is also getting his bachelor's...but. But, in the mean time, she needs a job and is probably going to have to work at Home Depot. Her attitude? "Oh, well, there's a lot of contractors who go to Home Depot, so I'll just be helpful and maybe one of them will need an extra hand."
Maybe it's just because I'm a naturally cranky person--I threw phones at people in TV news because they deserved it not because I wanted to...though, okay, I also really wanted to. Ha!--but I was really impressed by her joyful spirit. Because, dear Reader: she's right. She gets it. She understands that networking is a constant ebb and flow, that you never know where you'll meet someone who can change your why not meet them as you help them choose the perfect faucet? And why not allow yourself to think that you can change your life, instead of luxuriating in misery?
What my friend really gets is that attitude is everything. I don't know about you, but given the horrible state of customer "service" nowadays, I've been known to praise people to their managers for being (basically) competent. When the chick at the Gap, for example, takes the time to do her job, and is even pleasant, I want to treat her to a pedicure.
What I'm trying to say is: my friend will be fine. No, she'll be great: she's got the right attitude and she sees that opportunities are everywhere...

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