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Monday, October 3, 2011

Stupid People

I admit that I'm writing this on about 3 hours of sleep last night, since I was working and then I, for some bizarre reason, decided to "relax" by watching a psychological thriller, Session 9. Then, I had to call the IRS this am--don't ask, but no I shan't soon be writing a great book in prison, or eating a lot of carbs and doing one-armed push-ups, or dating some broad who is a big fan of Gertrude Stein--so I am not at my most wide awake.
But here's something else that kept me up last night, besides one of the cats, frantically grooming me at 3am, in order to get me to give him kibble: the case of former Harvard student Brittany Smith, who this past Friday plead guilty in connection with the 2009 shooting of Justin Cosby, another Harvard student.
So. Ms. Smith helped the shooters, whom she knew were going to rob Mr. Cosby, a drug dealer. She helped the shooters gain access to the dorm, then after the shooting, she hid the gun. She then helped the killers travel to NYC. One of the shooters, by the way, was her boyfriend: true love! She lied to the police, lied to the prosecutor and grand jury, on Friday was sentenced to three years and a day. She showed no remorse. She came within weeks of graduating Harvard, before she was barred from graduating. (Fun fact: of course Brittany, prior to all this, had planned to attend law school...)
That right there is some serious low-rent Greek tragedy...scholarship girl comes from Harlem to Harvard...and ends up a convicted felon. I'm irritated that while at Harvard, fer chrissake, Brittany had nothing better to do, no cultural events, or exciting classes to attend, or different people to, she was running with the same thugs she knew in Harlem. Pathetic.
I'm irritated that not only is Justin Cosby dead...but Brittany wasted her own life, and that of her parents and all the teachers and friends and supporters who helped her go to Harvard. She didn't get to Harvard on her own; she let down a lot of people. I'm irritated that she could be a Harvard grad right now, giving benefit to the world and herself...and instead she just spent her first weekend, first of many, many more, behind bars.

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