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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just because I sometimes don't blog doesn't mean I don't care! If anything--cue the melodramatic music--I care too much, and before I can hit this blog, I have to send clients their to-do lists, network, schmooze, kvetch, clean up cat vomit...and all the other (wonderful?) things that go into running a small business. My glamorous life.
Anyway: was recently watching, again, the film Watchmen. Yes, I watch films based on graphic novels. I don't think I have ever hid my not-so-inner-nerd...also, it's an awesome film!
Anyhoo, I was thinking about the character of Dr. Manhattan, who survives a horrible accident to have superhuman powers...and also be blue and naked all the time...but that's a bonus. I was thinking about how so many superheroes seem to have a back story which includes them surviving some kind of terrible then emerge stronger and more powerful than ever before. An accident which both destroys and saves them. Hmmm...
Now, if only more of us could start understanding that surviving those horrible experiences in our past might have the same effect upon us...superhuman, or not.

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