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Friday, December 16, 2011

Being on-message, good & bad

I've been spending a lot of time, recently, with new clients, helping them design their Facebook fan and business pages. (Someone reading this, just snorted and thought, "Thank god, you're not wasting your Wellesley education, right? Get a real job, hippie!") And yet, it is a real job: it's called, 'branding,' boys and girls. We all do it, some more successfully than others. Why, for example, do I retain any info about Kim Kardashian's "wedding" in the nooks and crannies of my brain? Especially, why do I retain said information, when all of civil procedure, which I swear to god I studied, is gone?
So here's my point: if and when you grow up, leave the drum circle and decide that yes, a Facebook page, and all the inherent free marketing and advertising (ka-ching!), could be very extremely essential to you and your business: remember what Facebook is there to do. Namely: give people a place to goof-off and waste time; allow people to stay in touch with friends, kinda-friends, girls who married boys so fine it drives me insane, freneies, ex-mens and rivals; receive and post ginormous amounts of cat pictures; dog diaries (don't ask); let people occasionally learn something; post even more kitten pictures.
Therefore, unless your page is promoting a baby orange kitten or some porn star, there is such a thing as being too on-message. Your friends and family, and various strangers, I'm sure, are going to support your cigar business, or real estate business or winery, but 10 postings a day about cigars is seriously TMI. (And not, TMI, in the good way, like when I bitch about being hung to the over.) On the other hand, 3 interesting, informative, even witty postings about cigars, mixed in with links to funny articles, interesting news, relevant products, music and video clips...okay, I'm down. Since now you're keeping your brand in my head...but not shoving it down my throat.
Which is, of course, why this info does not apply to any Facebook page about 1) kittens, 2) baby orange kittens, 3) tiny tabbies, or 4) women with large breasts who have sex in public.

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