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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Channukah Hints, Jewrican Factoids #2: Just Get Started

I'm going to title this second hint, "Just get started," since taking action, as opposed to just talking about taking action, is huge. It can and will change your life...if you allow it to do so by taking action. People truly are creatures of habit. And habits can be good or bad, but usually a little bit of both, so if you're trying to make big changes, well you're lying to yourself if you think, "Even though I haven't looked at a gym in 6 months, tomorrow, I'll start 'P90X' and become ripped, so today I can go eat some chicken fries." (ZOMG! How good do some chicken fries sound right about now? What? Am I hungover? Well, thanks for asking but no, not more than usual...HA! I'm kidding. Shut up.)
Anyway, that scenario isn't going to happen, because you're going to build up the thought of going to the gym in your mind till it's exhausting and scary. You're going to feel overwhelmed and defeated and depressed and soon you'll be drunk, in your undies, eating 'Cherry Garcia' ice cream out of the container and shopping on Zappos. (Once again: I am full of awesome ideas. Invite me to your party.)
For example, you know those people who hate, say, their job, or their weight, or their relationship, and blabber on: "Yep, this year, I'm going to [fill in the blank]." And then a year passes, and everything--including their excuses-- is still status quo? Oh, you mean all those excuses didn't help you achieve a better career or become a size 6? How weird!
Or, people who say, "Well, I hate my job, but I figure things will work out one way or another." Really? If by "things will work out," you mean, "things will stay exactly the same, or maybe just worse..." then yes, you are correct! When I, years ago, was in a horrible, stagnant long-term, long-distance relationship, wherein we had zero interest in each other, but neither one of us could bear to end it...things didn't "work themselves out." No, things got much, much, much worse till we both were forced to take action and end it. And that was every bit as fun as it sounds, but we did it.
Therefore, Coaching Hint #2 is: just get started. Take some, even a little bit, of action every day till it becomes a routine. You need to lose weight? Go to the gym for even 15 minutes. Download your favorite TV show onto your iPod and watch 15 minutes of it as you walk on the treadmill. I know, no one knows your suffering, the torment of your existence, Bono should do a concert in your honor... but you can do this. 15 minutes. And you can keep doing this, till one day you'll look at the clock and think, "Hmm, have I been here for 35 minutes? Did I actually break a sweat? That was fun!"
You want to change your job? Invest 15 minutes a day EVERY DAY in networking, working on your resume, researching opportunities, and even more networking. Does that sound like a lot? Interesting...cause I suspect you spend hours a day on Facebook. So, you have time to post photos of your kids, or of the new shoes you purchased, or to scrutinize your boyfriend's female friends' pages, or IM your friends...but not even 15 damn minutes to take the steps necessary to begin improve your life? Really? Interesting.
Just get started. Just do something today. Because there will never ever be a perfect time. Perfect excuses, sure...but a perfect, not so much.
Jewrican Factoid #2: Despite my thing for those country boys from the Midwest, I have indeed been on JDate, but invariably the men would say, "Wow, so hot...but you're not Jewish, too bad." Really? You get to decide what I am? Seems like a lot of responsibility for someone so short. (Zing!)

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