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Saturday, June 16, 2012

I have many, oh so many, shameful tastes. PS: Not just in the men I date. Today I just wasted another hour or three of my life watching, Animal Planet's lurid show Fatal Attractions. ( Basically, unfortunate, lonely people who keep chimps and reptiles and lions as "pets" and surprise, surprise, one day wind up crushed to death by Jimmy, the 13' Burmese Python.
You know me: I'm a cat person. Ergo, I have a somewhat unhealthy emotional relationship with my (current) alpha male cat, The Kitten. I say "somewhat" since we're both trying to make a go of it. But the people on this show...gotta love someone who says their "deepest" relationship is with their pet snake, the same snake which eventually kills them, because said snake was being neglected and systematically starved to death by a drug-abusing idiot who didn't seem to understand that wild animals tend to get cranky when kept on a diet. (Yes, that's the kind of asshole I am: I'm feeling sorry for the snake who killed its idiot owner. Listen, no one told him to have a pet snake and not take care of it!)
On the other hand, that show did make me go out and buy some extra kibble, in the hopes of avoiding being chewed to death by my feral felines. Since there's someone out there, who, upon hearing of my grisly demise would think, "Aww, those poor cats! Being forced to eat that b*tch to survive...bless their hearts."

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