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Friday, November 2, 2012

You've eaten all that Halloween candy--and this Sunday is the NYC Marathon, despite apparently all the little people or "naysayers" who still don't have power, and are trying to poop Hizzoner's party with their lack of electricity, and food rotting in their fridge...details.--and the holidays are days away, which can mean fretting about family issues (#redundant) or fretting about how you look for all those holiday parties.

I'm thinking specifically here of an (awesome) girl I know, who recently said to me that she was interested in getting back into the dating scene to see, and I quote, "Who's gonna love the pudge? Who's going to accept me as I am, right now?" Or, as I always say to men who are disturbed to see that I'm not kidding about being a crazy cat lady, "Loving me means loving all of me. The cats are part of the deal."

I think, on the one hand, my friend's attitude is exceptional for her determination to love and accept herself as she is. On the other hand, it's pretty damn depressing that in 2012, fer Chrissake, we still have to remind ourselves of that happy horseshit. Jesus, doesn't it ever end? I'm not expecting some feel-good organic utopia in which everyone is barefoot and holding hands and singing--I mean, I turned down Reed College for a reason--but what will it take for people to just get over how boring it is to keep hating themselves, and lying about it? Because clearly a hurricane isn't least, not in NY where we've invested so much in suffering in more interesting ways than you.

Cranky. I am cranky. I just wanted to write a quick note to a good friend, and all the other people like her out there who are trying to accept themselves in the present and stop wasting time about how awesome everything will be 6 months from now when their lives and bodies are like, OMG, so perfect.

I am cranky, but you should email me, if you want to share pictures of your cats, or just say "sup"!

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