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Monday, December 17, 2012

I was going to blog about various creative ways for job-seekers to communicate their (professional) value to prospective employers...but honestly, people, oy, the news out of Newtown just has me heart-broken. I was sniveling while running at the gym this am and watching a broadcast on CBS' morning show about the "Elementary School Massacre," which seriously are three fucking words which should never EVER go together.

Thinking about people's professional value, of course made me think about the intrinsic value of being human, the unique universe inside all of us--I promise, I am not stoned, just emotional--which makes me think of those murdered children, those lives (and, of course, the equally valid adult lives) wasted, all that potential squandered...arrgh! It kind of makes me want to scream and beat my head against the wall and be all melodramatic. I mean, I'm trying to be perky for clients, but there's another part of me which wants to curl up under the covers with about 50 mini bottles of vodka, some cupcakes and be all Judy Garland (wink, wink) about the situation. Heart-breaking.

People are going to attempt to learn some lessons, pass some new laws, do whatever because of this tragedy...and I hope it does, in whatever way possible, force us to do better by our children and ourselves. (Because honestly: the alternative is too horrible to bear.) But the only "lesson" I can handle today is: USE YOUR POTENTIAL. Do what you love, what you're drawn to TODAY because tomorrow is not promised. Choose creativity, choose to invest in yourself, and your life and your dreams. If for no other reason, use your talents to honor those bright lives cut short: those children were our children, and their teachers were our teachers.

"Change your life today. Don't gamble on the future, act now, without delay." -Simone de Beauvoir

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