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Monday, January 28, 2013

31Ways2GetItStarted™!: January 28, 2013

Day 28: Do, don’t try. 

I was going to say, "Oh, it's one of those days"...but isn't every day one of those days? It probably has something to do with living in Queens. Or being Jewrican. And then I went to the gym and did a hard workout and la la, all is zen. I dread being one of those old broads working out hard at the gym, since my plan is to go in my prime--which was probably sometime earlier this morning, when I was doing deep squats at the gym in tight capris--but I have no doubt I will be, since if I'm alive, I work out. 


Yoda was right: do, don't try. Whatever it is you wish to achieve, you have to, at a certain point, just dive in and say, "I'm going to make this happen." Not, "I hope I can make this happen," or "I'm going to try to make this happen." Just: "This will happen." Because, let's face it: despite all the "inspirational" car commercials and forced-fed "emotion", we live in a society which encourages us to watch life from the sidelines, and avoid doing the hard, demanding, scary, yet liberating work which eventually leads us to great change. We live in a society which encourages us to be frightened and worry more about national sporting events than about creating the lives we may desire. No me gusta!

So, when I say, "Do, don't try," I mean, honestly, just f**king start doing the thing you're thinking about. Yes, you're going to suck at it at first. Welcome to reality: did you just recently arrive? You didn't learn English overnight, you weren't born walking, and talking and blogging about whatever burger you ate last night. You had to learn all of that. You had to start somewhere. But I'm guessing that your parents probably didn't say, "Well, just try walking and if you're not good at it, we'll make another plan." Your mom needed you to walk, so she could enjoy her cocktail in peace!You had to start walking to become good at it. But at the bottom, you didn't really have a choice...n'est pas? 

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