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Monday, April 8, 2013

Looking for love in many of the wrong places...

I probably ("probably") shouldn't post when I'm grumpy (...since when has that stopped me, right?), but let's face it: there's only 24 hours in the day. I'm am only one woman. I foresee more grumpiness. Anyhoo. Here's a profound thought: if you do something nice for someone else, maybe someone for whom you even have romantic feelings, and said moron, um I mean said person rejects your gesture (because they have their own extremely unresolved feelings of insecurity, self-loathing and just general inadequacy), DO NOT turn their sh*t upon yourself and reject your actions. DO NOT decide that your gift was bad, and thus that you, by extension, are also bad and thus deserved to be rejected. Read my lips: YOU. DO. NOT. (Aw, hell no you do not.)

Another person's issues/fears/general horsesh*t is NOT your problem...thank Jebus. might want to seriously consider why you're trying to give love to someone who clearly has no love for themselves, not to mention you, but the instinct to care & nurture someone else, is a very normal instinct, dammit. (Yes, I'm cranky.) Every living creature wants to be loved and valued. I write this while feeding The Kitten bits of chicken, by hand, because simply eating it off my plate doesn't make him feel loved. (We rescued a foster cat whom The Kitten generally loves but sometimes he gets worried about his place in my universe.) Therefore, this small orange kitten currently needs to sit on my lap, and eat small pieces from my hand and whine to know that he's loved & adored. Putting aside this human-feline co-dependent relationship (...and your point is...?): doing something caring for someone you love is normal. Desiring love in your life is normal. Last time I checked, it's how the species continues...well, love and a couple of cocktails.

What is NOT normal, what is straight up horsesh*t, my dears, is allowing someone to make you feel bad for being nurturing. Hell with that mess. Anyone who would reject your love is not someone you should be showering it on. Unless they're a cat, and then it's nothing personal: that's just how cats roll.

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