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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I have approximately four million and one things to accomplish today, so I really should not be reading more coverage of the News of the World/hacking scandal, especially since it just raises my blood pressure. Hacking into the phones of missing/murdered children?? I feel like John McEnroe: you cannot be serious?! Did I wake up on the wrong planet today? There are adults out there who consented to do that? In the interest of full disclosure, yes I did work for Fox News Channel, and so, when the Rapture happens, I'm probably SOL...*shrugs*...oh, well..
But I suspect, I strongly suspect that had my superior told me to hack into anyone's phone, especially that of a missing child(!), I'm betting that I'd say, "Does hell go with no?" And quit. And start my own business as a stripper or cat wrangler or something else useful because I have to live with myself, and I'd prefer not to spend the rest of my life feeling like I was dipped in sh*t. That's just how I roll, son.
Today, Mr. Murdoch, after previously telling his hired-lackey interviewer at the Wall Street Journal, that he was "getting tired" of the scandal and "annoyed,"  has apparently out-grown his two-sizes-too-small heart and
and now sees the errors of his ways. He has published a full page apology, and spoken to the family of Milly Dowler, the murdered British teenager, whose voicemail was allegedly hacked by staff of News of the World. The reports are that during said apology, he was apparently deeply remorseful. Interesting. Remorseful..because of what happened...or because he was caught? Mr. Murdoch did offer to meet the Dowlers at their home, and they declined; they did not want him in their home.
Here's a link to Rupert:

UPDATE: great article about Twitter reacting to Murdoch's apology with Shakespearean quotes

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