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Monday, July 18, 2011

Okay sports fans, I'm going to try to be professional today--ha, why start now, right?-since last night I broke the cardinal rule of not eating enough when you mix a great deal of alcohol, so currently--and it hurts me to admit this--alcohol is not my friend. A dear friend gave me a can of gin & tonic--clearly, whoever had the idea of marketing pre-mixed gin and tonics deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, stat!--and I can't even look at it.
I spent a great portion of the past 12 hours in a vicious cycle of vomiting, whining and generally feeling sorry for myself....not my sexiest look.
So, anyhoo: reading  Amy Odell's article in Bloomberg Business Week, about the burgeoning plus-size bridal market, and while I am neither plus-sized, nor a fan of marriage as most people define it, as a business owner, I did become enraged by a couple of items in this article:
1. that many plus-size brides-to-be, despite being ready to drop upwards of $3k ON A SINGLE DRESS are frequently unable to find samples in their sizes. BTW, I'm talking about upscale wedding boutiques here.
2. therefore, many of these plus-size brides-to-be end up buying dresses THEY DON'T LIKE, for thousands of dollars, simply because they can't find a store catering to their needs. Um...what? Listen, whatever my particular ish about getting married, I can guarantee you that I would only buy a dress that, forget love, I'd want to have sexual relations with any wedding gown I purchased. I'd be wearing that damn thing constantly:
 while doing my laundry, at my fave taco truck, running errands, wrestling with the kitten,etc. It's not even about the money; this is your day ladies! Why else are we all here, to support the groom? The groom, at pretty much every (hetero) wedding I've been at, could have burst into flames and nobody would have noticed, since we were all oohing and ahhing over the bride.
So how is it possible that in 2011, given our crap economy, there are retailers who think it's okay to turn away business? Curvaceous brides are knocking at your door, hoping to spend money and you're going to ignore them? What, does skinny brides' money spend differently? I would hope that any woman who goes shopping for her wedding dress, if she finds stores which do not cater to her size, does not take that sh*t! Blog about those stores, Tweet their names and with your dollars ladies. Since that is straight up horsesh*t. Any retailer in this or any economy frankly, who is going to be so openly disdainful of a (pardon the pun) potentially huge portion of society, in my opinion, deserves to go under. Brides-to-be: this is your day, and if you wouldn't take getting treated like a second class citizen on a normal day, as you prepare for your wedding day, it is beyond unacceptable. Grrrr.
(I'm probably extra cranky because of the hang-over, but arrogant stupidity also brings out the worst in me..)

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