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Monday, July 18, 2011

I'm still deeply, madly, truly hungover--despite eating a ton of fried food and chocolate, so now I feel both very hungover and guilty and bloated--but this article about Rachelle Friedman, the bride-to-be who was paralyzed last year in a freak accident involving one of her bridesmaids, despite which she remains so resolutely upbeat and positive, is just too inspiring:

We talk so much nonsense about marriage and what it means, or who should be able to get married, or how one person's idea of marriage should work for all of us, that to be able to witness a couple like this, who are truly living their deepest love and commitment...well, it makes even a cynic like me a little weepy. Times are tough right? I think we especially need a story like this given everything that's going on in the world...

What an inspirational, classy couple: mazel tov! Considering how much I've whined about simply being hung over, meanwhile this extraordinary woman has dealt with a life-changing accident of this nature with such grace and fortitude. Would we have blamed her if the accident, on the eve of her wedding, had turned her bitter? Not me! But instead, Rachelle demonstrated the depth of her character. Nowdays we say people are "inspiring" if they design a line of shoes, or pen a hit song, or wear panties when they go out in public, but this woman really shows us what the term "inspirational" is supposed to mean.
Which in turn makes me feel even more guilty for all of my whining, which in turn makes me wish I had a jar of Nutella to go eat with a spoon, while taking a cold bath. (Oh dear lord, how good does that sound! Hmm, note to self...) But first, much respect and good wishes to Rachelle Friedman and Chris Chapman in their future wedded, wonderful life together...

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