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Monday, July 4, 2011

My to-do list just hit the four page, single-spaced mark so while I'm trying not to burst into tears and curl up in the fetal position, I also want to leave my dainty little paw-print on the Interwebs. Or something.
Recently I've been almost haunted by this quote from the Talmud: "We do not see things are they are. We see things as they are." [What does it say about me that now when I think of the Talmud...I immediately think of Madonna? Oh dear god! Don't the Jews have enough problems? Feh.]
There's a thousand and one things I could use to illustrate this quote--the business, friends' disastrous "relationships," The Kitten--but what I'm really thinking about are all of us who stand in our own way, whether professionally, romantically, whatever. What if we could all "get it?" By which I mean, what if we could all start understanding that frequently we are the main obstacle in our own way...what if we could all be honest with ourselves? Because the other part of that expression, is how much time and energy we invest in maintaining our unhappiness. So, I'm just curious: what would happen if we were to start confronting our fears, and seeing what we really are, and what we're really made of...?

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