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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm almost hesitant to post this one, since I feel it makes me sound like every other cranky old person, but I spent some time this am reading the Wall Street Journal online, and this article...

...sort of gave me a heart attack. One girl, who graduated in May, submitted "five or six"(!) job applications between January and March, and shockingly, none of that effort resulted in her getting a job, so now she's living at home and planning to travel. Oh. Another graduate profiled discusses that she's heard how hard it is to get a she doesn't want to waste her (obviously, extremely valuable) time, and she's also living at home. Amazingly, the reporter didn't laugh openly at them and/or bitch slap them, saying, "You cannot be serious!"
I'm not sure what's more insane: thinking that one could send off five or six resumes in this recession, and seriously get any job...or the attitude that well, other people say its hard out there so, I better not risk it... Or, the fact that these kids' parents are letting them move back home. The article then ends with some talk about how "young people get pushed out at the bottom" of the employment ladder...right, sure. Or, they push themselves out, because isn't like sending out five resumes enough, gawd?
[This is what I meant about coming across like John McCain yelling at kids to get of his lawn, dammit!]

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