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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

 I’m a very Type A personality, as you’ve probably suspected, and one side-effect of that is my attachment to To-Do Lists. Lists make me happy. They keep me organized and focused…or, do they? I found myself wondering that the other day, as I unearthed a couple of notepads filled with lists from last year. (I also found some inappropriate photos, so don’t feel too bad for me…I still manage to get into plenty of trouble…) Do the lists keep me focused and on-message… or do they instead give me so much (unrealistic) expectations of all the work I have to do, and related stress, that I start freaking out and want to spend the entire day watching Adult Swim? (I am nothing if not brutally honest. And, of course, covered in cat hair.) So right now, I’m trying to write less lists and just spend more time getting all the crap I need to done…and not write a list about that...

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