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Thursday, July 7, 2011

So, I bit the bullet and am launching various (Allah-willing, successful) on-line advertising campaigns--again, I feel like someone's crochety grandmother who just discovered teh Googles--and I'm sure you're all, "Say whaaat? You're just starting to advertise on-line?? What is this, 1980 House on PBS? Do you also have a pager?" I know, I know, but let's all remember some very crucial facts: I was a history major, with 8+ years in TV, and then I went to law school so, to quote Homer Simpson: "I was told there'd be no math." Being a history major, for example, means I can get very worked up about the factors leading up to the Russian Revolution, or why Stalin created a forced starvation of the Ukraine...but it can play havoc in your day-to-day life.
Basically, I had less than no practical business experience so sometimes yes, it does feel like I'm reinventing the wheel. (And also: how dope would 1980 House be?? I presume it'd feature a lot of break dancers and spandex and men with perms. Maybe also the cast of Krush Groove? I'm sure those poor people could use a paycheck...anyway, I digest.)
But back to on-line advertising: so I finally got over my angst of not knowing what the f&&k I'm doing, much fun was it to design ads?! Like most things in life we fear, once you dive's all gravy. The Adsense people are doing all the heavy lifting for me: what a world!
Once again, it is brought home to me how much wasted time and energy we expend investing in our fears...To again quote Homer Simpson, "I am so smart! S-m-r-t!"


  1. Be brave young one! Just be sure to track the success of your advertising so you can change it up as need be.