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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh, Amy: come on, girl. I expected better from you and that powerhouse voice of yours. What a mess.
I'm not being sarcastic, I truly am saddened by how it all ended up, even if we all suspected it could only end this way. But what a waste of her fantastic talent and of her young life. She was all of 27.
But even as my heart bleeds for her family, I'm a little, okay, I'm extremely irritated by her decision to love drink and drugs more than her life, her family or even, maybe especially, her talent. Because that's what she did; she choose drink and drugs over everything, and everyone else.
I'm upset because most people will never have the chance she had, to make a life making money off their talents. To be that alive with your gifts. Most people are struggling just to survive day by day, and the idea of creating a existence in which they would be able to profit off their dreams is just that...a dream.
While Amy, due to her outstanding talents, and some luck, got to live an incredible opportunity...and this was the best she could with it? What a loss...for all of us...

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