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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Career Roles

In your job hunt, as in life, you have to position yourself to succeed. That sounds like something that came out of a fortune cookie, I know, but there is wisdom there.  In an “economy” like ours, if your job hunt is sloppy, disorganized, sprawling and panic-stricken…well, not so much. You must get a hold of yourself and remain calm, dammit, in order to consider your skills, experience, talents and how they all could best be used in the workplace. (If you think I don’t understand the constant, day-to-day, mind-numbing stress of being unemployed…start a small business with almost negative funds, my friend. Party!)
I’m thinking this morning about actors, Hollywood actors, who have been stars for so long, that it’s sometimes weird to watch their early pre-breakout films when they just like you and me, and didn’t have assistants to berate. Some of these men and women got a lucky break, or they took a film for good or bad or desperate reasons, or they took a role no one else wanted…and it allowed them to create a person that captured the public imagination. And then, since perception is reality: once the public started to see them differently, they became different. They became the actors they are today.  
That’s, in a sense, what you have to do with your job search: find the role (job) that uses all of your skills, your experience, your talents, your connections and allows you to create a professional persona that captures the best of your abilities. 

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