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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The wit & wisdom of Bruce Lee

I'm updating this blog, since I'm getting ready to start giving some fun/informational/not-boring workshops, and I also recently received a mouth-watering recommendation from IU-Bloomington School of Law Professor William Henderson! (The recommendation is up and it seriously makes my ego want to giggle and skip like a schoolgirl.) Anyway, I was scrolling through the various gadgets Blogger offers. Gadgets like: the Ronald Reagan quote of the day (he and Herman Cain would have probably had a great talk about vegetables, and why people don't need them); cute baby animal pictures; photos of Jennifer Anniston or Kim Kardashian; how to improve your golf swing; your horoscope; rainbows; dancing fish; Darth Vader quotes (hmmm...); wave photos, bald eagle photos...or, the one that almost had me: Bruce Lee quotes. Ahh, Bruce Lee. Now that is tempting. I am a fan of Bruce Lee, and it would be nice to use his wit and wisdom on those clients who want to reap all the benefits, but avoid doing any of the hard work....

Hmm, something like...this?

(That video reminds me of a couple of summers in the mid-1980s, when I was hanging out with my older, male cousins in California. I'd be reading and they'd be talking smack and working on their throwing stars and nunchucks in the front yard of their house. Even at 13/14, I found that mess hilarious.)

Anyway, my clients know I only kick their ass with love...well, love and a raised eyebrow, and that certain tone of voice which tells you that I am no longer in my happy place due to you not doing what you said you would. Help me to help you: do the work I assign you! Realize procrastination for what it is--fear of the unknown, or fear or success, or a thousand other emotions--and make that change, son.

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