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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crazy Like a FNC

If you know anything about me, you know that I spent a number of years toiling in the trenches of TV news. I worked for almost every network in Moscow, New York and Washington, D.C. I met President Clinton,
had phones and other assorted items thrown at me and I made some writers cry...but it wasn't all good times.  There were indeed some very, very bad times when I thought, "This...this is why I went to Wellesley?" 'This' usually being busting my ass to get an affiliate in Oklahoma, for example, to send us a link to their 'copter covering some live, out-of-control car chase, which would then get double-boxed with a speech by President Bush...with Bush, naturally, getting the smaller box. Priorities. Sometimes 'this' was having to explain to a producer who Joe DiMaggio was or that yes, Alaska was actually a state. Sometimes 'this' was having to attend press conferences on Capitol Hill because certain (cough cough) "reporters" were too busy having makeup spray-painted over their faces. Memories!
Anyhoo. I'm bringing this up since yesterday there was all this drama about the FNC employee, working as a  mole for Gawker, who was outed and then fired. So yes, I have worked for FNC. (Oh, you all lost respect for me? Ha. Can't lose what you don't have right? See what I did there?) Therefore, when the news of this mole came out, a ton of friends sent me emails, or posted links on my Facebook wall, like, "ZOMG, can you believe it?" Meh. Listen, I'm the last b*tch on the planet to defend the Death Star that is FNC...but I personally don't have a ton of sympathy for the 'Fox Mole.' (I did secretly hope the Mole was a certain person, in the hopes that this person would get fired and I could cackle with glee, since that's the kind of sensitive, caring girl I am.)
Back to the Mole.Whatever he thought of Fox, however shitty his experience...they did pay him, and give him benefits etc. to toil there, yes? And by writing these 'exposes'...what message does that give? Well, I certainly wouldn't hire this guy to work for me, since he's already demonstrated that he's only looking out for one person. He worked for FNC for a number of years...if he loathed it so much, fine, be a big boy and the rest of us. By staying, and talking smack--and brilliantly leaving a digital trail--he showed that he wasn't emotionally invested in FNC.
Some of you are rolling your eyes, like, "Carlota, say what!? Was he supposed to give FNC a promise ring, and swear he'd stop cheating?" Well...kinda. Think of it from the company's POV: they employ you, they pay you...and this is how you're going to pay them back, by airing out all their dirty laundry?
Not to mention, what message does to send to future employers? I wouldn't hire this guy to be my assistant, since I'd be thinking, "You talked smack about FOX...what would you say about me?" And I'm no fan of FNC!
I know, I know, you hippies, we do have freedom of speech and other rights, like the freedom to wear unfortunate jeans in this country...don't remind me. But now the Mole is unemployed...and hundreds of thousands of other people haven't stopped sending in their resumes to work at FNC.
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