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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Choosing to be Happy

Starting to feel a little like Andy Rooney, but yes, I’m also irritated by people who manage to invest such effort and energy into being miserable. I'm irritated because these are the same chuckleheads who then suggest that I’m somehow naïve for insisting that they could choose to be happy. As if I think happiness is easy. As if. So…you’d rather commit all this time and energy into being miserable and defeated and unhappy…instead of maybe trying to do one small thing a day which could eventually lead you to some joy? And I’m the a$$hole? Interesting.
I certainly don’t think achieving happiness is “easy.” (I think very little in life in both easy and worthwhile……except convincing Kim Kardashian to let you pee on her, assuming you’re a male black celebrity…ha! See what I did there?)  But what’s the alternative? Spending one’s life being miserable sounds like a real buzz kill to me. I’m going to pass. Thanks anyway. I’d rather stick with creativity, and helping people, and having too many ideas and flirting and keeping my fingers crossed that this year, my friends finally get it right and for my birthday, I get the helper monkey I’ve always dreamed of.  (Sigh.)
And if you’re ready to stop investing in all the reasons why you can’t, and instead start thinking of all the reasons you can/should/must do…email me @!


  1. Carlota,

    I'm pretty damn sure that you're the only person I know who tags their blog posts with "peeing on Kim Kardashian". Well done. Keep up the good work!

    So how do you know Witt and Gurfinkel -- IU?

  2. Thanks so much...and admit it, the "peeing" link worked, right? Ha! I know Gurfinkel through IU and he introduced me to Witt. Small world!