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Monday, April 9, 2012


Underneath this cranky yet hawt exterior is a person who has a huge thing for Barbra Streisand. So huge that I’ve even watched, more than once, “Yentl”…oy. (But the music!) I have that kind of irrational fetish for Barbra. (And I’m only calling her “Barbra” because I doubt, somehow, she reads this blog. Otherwise, I’d address her as Ms. Streisand…what am I, crazy?) So when an irritating relative spent part of Easter lunch interminably rambling on about how “lucky” Barbra is to achieve what she had…cue the shark music from "Jaws." 
Luck?  I hate people who talk about luck. People who talk about luck are letting themselves off the hook. They’re absolving themselves for not having had the guts to go for it, and denying the persistence, determination and hard work of those who did. Did Barbra have some lucky breaks? I’m sure she did…and I’m sure she also had a lot of doors slammed in her face and that many people put her down, and told her not to quit her day job or dream she could ever leave Brooklyn.
In this business, and in life, I don’t believe in luck…I believe in making a plan and sticking with it and creating the opportunities you need. I believe in hustling. I believe in committing to your dreams. I believe in making your own luck. I believe in this:
Since leaving TV news and going to law school and returning to writing and starting this business...I've had some bad breaks. Alas. Such is life. But I've chosen to suck it up, to learn what I could from my mistakes and keep going forward. So when clients say to me, "Well, you've been lucky..." No, I've been determined like a mofo. I've decided that my mistakes weren't going to be the end of the road. I've made my own luck.
And when you’re ready to start making your own luck, whether or not you love you some Barbra, email me

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