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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm always interested by people who are the first to give a thousand reasons explaining why they can't do some thing...usually a "thing" they really, really want to do and would be very good at. People who will in one breath mention an excellent idea and then recite all the thousands of reasons why they could never do it. (Serenity now, goddammit.)
Probably this confounds me because I was an adored only child, who was raised to believe I could do it all if I was willing to work for it. You know those adults who talk about how lonely they were as only children, and how much they wanted a friend? Spoiler alert! That was not me. Even at five, I thought my own company was fascinating. I should tone this down, right, so that it doesn't seem excerpted from The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers or some Wikipedia guide to clinical narcissism...but whatever... loving me means loving all of me. Therefore,whenever people tell me I can't do something, my inner 8 year brat immediately jumps into action. This is both good and bad. Certain mens have understood that a surefire way to get me to do something I'm not super into, is to casually call my bluff...and then everybody wins and hopefully it doesn't end up on Youtube. But seriously.
Seriously, what I yearn to say to all those people who are the first to denigrate their talents and abilities is: Why is that acceptable? After all, if I was to constantly tell you how incompetent you are, and that you won't be able to achieve your goals, and you shouldn't even try, and list all the millions of reasons why you should and will remain unhappy...kind of a buzz-kill, no? That would kind of get me blocked on Facebook and un-tagged from your photos and un-invited to all your parties, yes? So why is it okay for you to do it to yourself? Why is it okay for you to treat yourself and say things to yourself that you--hopefully--wouldn't allow someone to?
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