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Friday, April 27, 2012

What I Do

I know that some of you--my parents, included—are wondering what exactly it is I do all day. Besides flirting. And giving The Kitten nubbins....otherwise known as, The Bad Touch.
Good question! Let’s say you’ve just lost your job, and it’s been a while since you’ve had to network, and show your resume around, etc., and you don’t even know what kind of job you want, never mind how to find it and you’re inwardly about  three seconds away from giving up, dropping out and starting life over again following a Phish tribute band. Okay. Don’t freak out. It won’t help and you’ll just wind up exhausted.
(And if you're going to follow a tribute band, make it a hardcore band your friends won't laugh at...go big or go home, baby.)
Now, you could go to one of those resume services, those services “guaranteeing”  to write you a resume and cover which will get you interviews…You could, but of course, you have no idea what kind of “guaranteed” interviews you’ll get, and whether or not said interviews will be relevant to your skills and experience. Who knows if those interviews will even be for real jobs? And since an interview doesn’t necessarily mean a job…oh well.
So, you could go to a resume service…or you could come to me. I’ll help you focus your resume and your LinkedIn profile; we'll clean up your social media presence and get you organized. Then, based on what you tell me, on your experience and your personality, I’ll create a personalized strategy for you, showing you, step-by-step, from start to finish, exactly how to use the contacts, experience and education you currently have to position yourself to get the job you want. (Tah-dah!) Sound too good to be true? Nah. I do it all the time. I did it for myself in my twenties, when I started with a degree in history and ended up with a TV career, which took me through Russia, D.C. and NYC, and all the top networks. I did it to sell my new play. It's how I roll, son. (#wellesleygangsta.)  
Interested? Of course you are! (Many people also find me very funny. Even some people who aren't trying to undress me.) So email me @! 

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