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Thursday, May 3, 2012


It's May. I have indeed been remiss about posting. On the other hand, I have been helping people. (And no, not just cute mens...gawd.) But yes, I need to get back on the blogging pony.

Therefore, a few random thoughts that will eventually be expanded into various insightful, amusing blog posts...just not, you know, today.

If you have an internship for this summer, that's awesome...but don't assume it'll be useful in your future job hunt and/or career, unless you actually work hard, learn some skills and impress your supervisors with your punctuality, office etiquette and willingness to work hard. As opposed to impressing your supervisors with, say, your commitment to Facebook. Getting the internship is only half the job. You need to leave that internship with supervisors who think you're a rawk star and would happily put their reputations on the line, recommending you to others. I'm not talking about a (meaningless) letter of recommendation, but a supervisor whom future prospective employers can call, and he or she will happily sing your praises. This is harder than it looks.

If you're trying something new and difficult, but you love it and it makes you feel truly have to suck it up and commit. It will get easier. I speak from experience. It will eventually become addicting. Eventually. Therefore, ignore the haters, the doubters and the (totally expected) pit of fear in your stomach and just commit to the bit, as people in improv comedy say. Those people didn't start out funny--many, including my ex, still aren't funny...ha!--but they committed to something better than watching all day, right? If you keep giving up on things in this life, what do you end up with? Exactly.

If I go out with you, and you're not the smartest boy in your own seat, it'll be better for both of us (i.e. me and certain crucial parts of my anatomy), if you just shut up and stop elaborately demonstrating your ignorance.

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