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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being Interesting

I probably shouldn't even be blogging today, since I am cranky beyond human belief...but "articles" like this ain't exactly helping me to be all warm and fuzzy:

Really? (Said in aggrieved, snotty, Wendy Wellesley suburban "white girl" voice.) People need to read a tedious article to figure out how to be interesting? Then again, I just saw, courtesy of Page Six, that Snooki has apps on her smartphone--pity the smartphone which has to put up with being manhandled by that trash-- to help her navigate her pregnancy so...why exactly am I outraged by how lazy our society has become? Why does any of this appall me? Probably because there are going to be lost souls out there, seriously reading that article and thinking, "Hmm, do something...well, I do things all the time! I must be like fascinating!"

So here I am, losing what's left of my sh*t over moronic drivel like this...and over at The Hague, Ratko Mladic, up to his neck in blood and crimes against humanity, sits smirking, mocking his victims, knowing that the worst he'll get is life. Remember Srebrenica? Remember the rape camps? Remember the mass murders and their mass graves? Mr. Mladic will likely enjoy his life sentence in a prison, wherein his standard of living will be as high, if not higher, than millions of people around the world.

And I have no doubt that many people would consider him, a very interesting guy...

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