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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A few days ago, a comedian I follow on Twitter, sent out a Tweet which read something like this: "Yoga, therapy & I still wake up in the am, hating myself." Whoa. It was such a raw note, it stayed with me. Especially since, if one looks at her impressive resume and talent, one would think, "Hey, you really have it made." Well, yes and no. If you hate yourself, it's hard to ever really enjoy anything. Kind of a conversation stopper.

So, it got me thinking. This being Independence Day...wouldn't it be great if we all declared our independence from the sh*t which weighs us down, and wastes our time? Declared independence from the haters, from wanting to be perfect, from caring about what other people think, from being unhappy. Declared our independence and then started, slowly but surely, changing the negative patterns which continue to hold us hostage.

It's so odd, Americans are obsessed with happiness, with being happy, and as a whole, dislike and are frightened by public airing of unhappiness. Conversely, people who are happy are looked upon as stupid or naive or unaware. People who are happy have to justify themselves. Really? I have to convince you that it's fine for me to be happy? Shut up. Here's a better idea: why don't you make the same choice that I did? The choice to be happy. (Dammit.)  And start doing the things that matter to you, and stop doing the shit which just wastes your time....and then wastes my time, when you bitch to me, again, about your job/relationship/weight blah blah blah.

It's the Fourth of July: go out and have some fun! Go out and be happy, dammit! But maybe also take some time to think about, what things in your life you should be declaring your independence from...

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