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Saturday, August 11, 2012

I meant to have this post written by 6am, so I could open with something like,"'s a new day, another day to continue the difficult if rewarding task of differentiating yourself and your talents...." But considering it's almost 1pm, and I spent the whole morning helping clients, nagging clients, cleaning my hovel, explaining the concept of "free will" to other clients who seem pretty frustrated that I don't have the power to make it so just by commanding  the heavens...well, at least the apartment is clean.

Anyhoo. It is a new day--even here in Queens--and you should spend at least some of it, brooding on how you are going to differentiate your talents, whether you're a poet or attorney, and how you will use the wide world of social media to sell yourself. Because really this, besides falling in lust and eating ice cream and rubbing my feet, is what it's all about...over and over and over again. Figuring out your talents, differentiating those gifts from all the other talented people out there, and then "selling" (in one form or another) those gifts.

I, for example, have been working for weeks on these branding videos I'm doing. Sweet fancy Moses, I'm just doing some stupid videos, not re-making 400 Blows...WTF is my problem, right? Well, if you go on the Interwebs, you'll see oh, several bazillion horrendously done marketing videos. Marketing videos which make you want to move to a commune in the jungle somewhere, with a charismatic if reclusive leader wearing sunglasses and load up on Kool-Aid. No es bueno.

I'd like my videos to actually help my growing business. I'm kind of finicky that way. Weird. So I keep shooting, watching, re-shooting, writing, whining, re-writing, kvetching, even more whining. What's that? Good point, Audience: I could just do the videos naked. Excellent point. However, let's hold off on the truly misguided (i.e. "fun") choices till my soon-to-be reality show enters it's second season and I start "dating" some 19 year old good ole boy from southern Indiana or Kentucky with a history of firearms and a brand new ankle-monitoring device. #goodtimes That should be in about 4 years right? Bueno!

My point being...hmm, what is my point? I'm kind of distracted now thinking about all the bad behavior I'll be able to publicly engage in. No wait, here's my point: think about what your talents are, so you know whom your audience is and how to market to them. I have, as you may have noticed, a very specific brand. So I am involved in creating very specific videos to market that brand. Whatever it is you at home are trying to market--whether you're a poet, an attorney, an up-and-coming actor etc....what is your brand? What makes you unique? When you understand that, you'll be much clearer on understanding whom your brand appeals to, who will (emotionally) recognize your brand..and that will bring you even closer to figuring out, how you can position your brand to appeal to those people who will "get" what makes you special.

Got more questions? Email me stay tuned for my first videos...!

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