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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

31Ways2GetItStarted™!: January 22, 2013

31Ways2GetItStarted™!: Day 22

Watching high-lights of the presidential inauguration this am at the gym, I was really struck by what amazing times we are living in. You disagree? Listen, in 1966 the NYC Dept. of Housing, on my mother’s behalf, had to threaten to sue the landlord of the building she wanted to move in, since he did not want to admit non-white tenants. (Fun fact: When she did move in, several tenants gave her bottles of champagne to celebrate.)  When my parents got married in 1968, it was only one year after Loving vs. Virginia, the landmark civil rights decision of the US Supreme Court, invalidating laws prohibiting interracial marriage. One year.

Yesterday, we watched an interracial president get sworn in—second term, b*tches—and his VP was sworn in by the first Latina on the Supreme Court.  Richard Blanco, the poet chosen to give the inaugural poem is an openly gay Latino male. We have senators and congresspeople who are openly gay, female veterans, Indian-Americans, etc. etc.  We even have orange politicians who cry easily.

Things are far from perfect, that is true, but given all that we have, if you’re really going to kvetch to me about your life of unimaginable suffering and why no one has ever had it as hard as you, and why the universe will not allow you to do the hard work necessary to achieve your dreams…you better think twice, Sunshine.  I’m your coach, not your girlfriend: I’m here to help you achieve your potential, not listen to your bullshit. 


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