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Monday, January 21, 2013

31Ways2GetItStarted™!: January 21, 2013

Day 21: Inauguration Special

Before we begin, come take a short trip with me down memory lane. Back in 2001, when I was still "living" in Washington, D.C.--a place where people will invite you to boring dinner parties, bragging, "...and we're expecting the Senator from Rhode Island!" Okay, I guess, whatever gets you through the night. But I'm from NYC, so why would I care? In fact, why would even someone from Rhode Island care? Short answer: They wouldn't.--and I was working in the bowels of the most glamorous, reasonable, fun, rewarding, intellectually-stimulating business in the world...TV news. #contradictioninterms 

Anyhoo, I was told that I had been chosen to be overnight assignment editor (sort of like a glorified traffic cop), on the night of W.'s first Inauguration. Now, having covered President Clinton for years, I was naturally thinking, "Inauguration = ka-ching, bitches," since Bubba was always always always 3 hours behind schedule, which meant we all went into overtime. At that time of irrational financial exuberance--and at that network--overtime started at $50.00. (My first year in TV news, my accountant shook my hand after he did my taxes, he was so impressed by how much money I had made. I was 26. Then, he told me how attractive he found Latinas. Okey-dokey. Pretty sure I said something like,Well if I run into any, I'll be sure to let them know! #Zimmermanout) 

So, here I am, sauntering into the newsroom--think of a CIA "black site" secret prison, but without the charm--excited by all the cash I'm going to make.

I swear to god that W. was in bed and the press pool dismissed by 10:30 that night. My shift lasted until 12am. Hence: No overtime. Hence: Rage. Tremendous rage and frustration and cursing. Ohh, Yahweh bless the dear, sweet faces of the D.C. press corps tonight...those hacks are going to need it!  

In light of today being both a kinda special day for President Obama and Martin Luther King, my hint is: Have a dream, but have the courage to make it happen. You and I are reaping the rewards of people who came before us, with tremendous dreams. And with amazing personal courage to take the risks to make those dreams come to life. Almost unimaginable courage. 

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