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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

31Ways2GetItStarted™! January 9, 2013

Day 9:  Don't Ask Someone Else's Permission to Achieve Your Goals

It's always strange/interesting/irritating to me how many people need to ask and receive another person's permission to achieve their own goals. Just writing that sentence, in fact, irritates me. You're going to ask someone else to approve your goals? Okay, deep breath, relax, calm blue ocean etc. But seriously: What's that about? 

Now, again, I was raised as an adored only child...I didn't ask permission of anyone when I was three, so why the hell would I do that now? What can anyone else know of my heart? (Whoa...did I start writing a crap Phil Collins song here...yipes. #redundant) But who is anyone else to approve or deny my goals? On the other hand, no one else can put in the work, the whining, the determination. So, guess what: your approval isn't needed. My ego is sufficient. #understatement

A few years ago, a budding playwright (...well. I'm using that term extremely loosely. As in, The Kitten is a playwright, since he likes to sleep on books of plays when they're open on my bed. The Kitten also probably has a better sense of dialogue and the stage than this kid but anyhoo.Still horrified by his "play" about a drunk clown.) asked me if he could call himself a playwright. In hindsight, I should have said, "No." But, okay, he was a remarkably good looking young man and my vagina was interested so I said, "Of course!" I shouldn't even mention this, but he had a neck tattoo of the notes of a children's lullaby on his neck. Sigh. Now, I haz a shame cycle. Again. Which is why they call it a "cycle."

My point: 1) I frequently have horrible taste in mens, and 2) You do not need anyone else's permission. F**k that noise. Know why? Because, friends, many, oh so many sad little people are going to hungrily line up to tell you, in loving detail, all the reasons why you cannot, should not and must not achieve those goals. A lot of sad people will take tremendous pleasure in making you feel like crap. So why let them? Instead of asking for someone's "permission" to achieve your goals, ask yourself: How bad do I want to achieve these goals? How hungry am I? How hard am I willing to work? Give yourself permission to work hard every day. Give yourself permission to be the person you always wanted to grow up to be. Better give it to yourself since no one else will!  

Want some help freeing your mind? (Oh, you love that...!) Email me, or leave a comment. Bonus points if you're a hot boy with a hot neck tattoo!

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