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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Generation Gap

Part of the thing about getting that you get even more awesome! And, apparently, crankier. But seriously, ladies and germs, for me, part of the thing about getting older is trying to figure out where I stand in the "generation gap." Or, really, why I dislike it so much when "older" (cough cough) people say things like, "Well, this generation is entitled and I hate it! When I was a kid, I had to... [fill in the blank.]" Is "entitlement" really what's bothering these people, I wonder, or is it straight up jealousy.

There's a lot of people cursing teenagers and twentysomethings about their "entitlement," and bad taste in music, and I wonder: "Where do you think they got their attitudes? You raised them to be entitled! You raised them as accessories." I also strongly dislike this idea of, "Well, no one helped me find a job, or figure out my life when I why should these damn kids get all the breaks!" By "breaks," you mean, say, learning how to network, so that these kids can do what you were too scared to do and create better opportunities for themselves? Are those the so-called "breaks" you mean?

I grew up with parents constantly resentful, constantly complaining about their jobs, but without one iota of  maturity or discipline necessary to network and thus get a better job. I'm not interested in people who want others to be miserable just because they are. That sh*t is booooring!

Just because no one helped you when you were most one else should ever get a hand up?
There was another guy who kind of had that same idea, who wanted to make everyone else suffer because he was miserable and resentful and rejected from this one art school. Last time I checked, he did okay for a while, but then not so much and the whole world kind of suffered. I'm talking about A. Hitler. Big in Germany and various terrorized Eastern Europe countries, for about 12 years or so, and then not so big...heard of him?  I'm kind of exaggerating to make a point, and kind of not. Isn't the whole point of life, besides being covered in kittens with a gin cocktail in your fist, to learn from your mistakes, and help others? Isn't this planet too damn small to spend your one lifetime visibly seething with pain, hatred and resentment? 

Some of you are thinking, "Okay, hippie, you obviously have a Jebus-complex." Um, no. While I have been known to sport Birkenstocks, I do wear mascara and a bra so obviously, I have a Creativity Yenta-complex! I made oh so many mistakes when I was graduating college, and graduating law school, and this morning, and on that date last night and so what? I'd like to use what I learned to help others: what's the point otherwise? To sit in my lair and be sulky? BORING!

I'm going to teach a strategy camp at Indiana University-Bloomington's Maurer School of Law in January 2014. It's going to be full of all the stuff I learned from my mistakes, and others', so that, god willing, some of the attendees will think, "...I could do that! I could start a business, but be less covered in cat hair, and figure out how to live a fun life." Also, P.S.: cat hair isn't the worst thing that could ever happen to you. Try working for Fox News...

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