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Friday, June 7, 2013

You Gotta Work. Which Sucks. Sorry! #notsorry

Sorry to be so un-sexy and old-fashioned by stressing the benefits of hard work and research, but if you're thinking about changing your professional opportunities, the New York Public Library's online research guides should be your ground zero.
These online guides are 100% and you can access them at home. In bed. You can do a search say, in one of their various online guides industries to find companies and jobs you might be interested in, then start narrowing down that list by location. Take that list and start researching those companies: look for articles written by and about them, their social media footprint (are they on Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Facebook/Tumble? If so, invest some serious time in reading their posts and seeing what issues they're interested in. Find out who's posting and Google them. Where did they go to school, what issues are they interested in. Seek out connections. Connections =opportunities for you to get your foot in the door.), their personality and their brand. Then, you can start checking for connections: do they have any alumni from your college, grad school, even high school? If so, bingo, you have a way in. Now you can start crafting an introductory email based on your shared connection, as you also tweak your LinkedIn profile & resume to reflect that company's values.

Some of you are popping your gum and rolling your eyes like a teenager being told she isn't leaving the house dressed, or undressed like that, by God, and thinking, "Um, Carlota? Like that sounds like a lot of work." You are correct, my fine-feathered friend. But you know what's even more work: working at a job you hate. BOOM!

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