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Friday, December 9, 2011

"Sentence structure is innate but whining is acquired."- Woody Allen

I promise I'm not whining. (If I was whining, trust me: you'd know. That sound would get in your brain and you'd want to kill me and probably yourself so as to liberate yourself from my dulcet tones...ha.) But recently, I kinda got, figuratively at least, punched in the solar plexus. It was especially disturbing because I never anticipated it. Never saw it coming.
But, I'm a big girl, and after surviving TV news, Russia, law school, Queens, The Kitten eating items in my purse, various ex-mens, etc...well, it really takes a great deal to knock me down. I mean, if you can survive multiple Russian winters, you're golden. (Hitler couldn't...and we all know how that ended.) So, I had my little pity party, I felt a little bad for myself...and then that got boring and I moved on. (As a friend would say: " I rose above it all, on my broomstick!")
The person who gave me the punching? Well, I never let on to them how painful I found their actions to be.I simply killed them with kindness, as the saying goes. So when they, shortly thereafter, sent me a sincere apology, I brushed it off: no harm done! (Did not feel the need to mention that I had been sincerely hoping the NYPD would pepper-spray them.)
Because, in reality, there was no harm done. After years of feeling at loose ends in my life, and in my work, I've finally figured out some very important things about myself, my life, etc. I've gotten my sh*t together. It's awesome. (Exhausting but awesome.)
So now, do you really think I'd give any person that power over me? I "ha" in your general direction. You don't want to help me? Fine. Go with God, live your life, etc. At this point, I could lose all physical ability, and only be able to blink out the letters of the alphabet and I'd get the job done. It would be brutal. It'd be extremely un-fun for all involved...but it would happen.
I'm not writing this to show off what a bad-ass I am...but to hopefully make you good people out there, who might be going through the same thing, start thinking the same thing about your own passion and determination.  

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