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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Getting to know you...

A great deal of being The Creativity Yenta™, is frankly knowing when, to STFU and keep my (numerous) opinions to myself. So if, for example, I run across an old friend on Facebook who is currently engaged in a "career" which makes me cringe, because I know she has tremendous talent, but apparently she does not...there's only so much I can do. Unfortunately, kidnapping and holding someone against their will in a dark motel room, so that I may wipe their mind free of society's bullsh*t and re-program them to understand their inherent value and talents, and thus become a contributing member of our society, would be, I'm guessing, classified as illegal. Five-O would probably stop listening at "kidnapping and holding against their will." Alas.
 So, all I can do is watch from afar and send out low-key emails, suggesting that I'd be thrilled to help her, should she ever want to launch that great business she used to talk about, and stop making a "living" from being semi-naked.
Before you all start choking on your coffee and say, "Is this really you, Carlota, suggesting that spending one's time nekkid is somehow bad? Can I introduce you to my close personal friend, 'Kettle'?" and jump over to, I shall elaborate.
When I know someone has talent, and potential, but instead of using said talent and potential, this person is basically hanging out in her life, spending her days three-quarters nekkid, using their body, instead of their mind, to sell...well then yeah, I'm going to say that's a waste. That's a huge waste. That's not a life, that's the Facebook equivalent of a life.
One of the best parts of this job is to work with clients and see them coming into their own. To see people go from being desperate and vulnerable, with no self-esteem, to really "get it:" to understand that they have the potential to go as far as their willing to take it. (I say I teach people, but in reality they teach me, goose-bumps, O Captain My Captain-Hollywood-moment, etc.) But people have to be willing to take that journey...because it can be hard, and scary, and exhilarating and wonderful...but it is a journey. I can't take it for you....and therefore, I have had to learn sometimes to keep my fingers crossed and my mouth shut. First time for everything, right?

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