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Monday, January 2, 2012

Realistic Resolutions Day 2: 'Wait and see' is not a strategy

Listen, I've been cleaning my hovel since 7am--primarily because it was getting so grimy I felt like I was living in some Queens-based frat house...albeit without any hot frat brothers or keggers, alas.-- so trust me: I'm not here to nag at you. Not today. You're probably hungover, cranky, dreading returning to work, or extremely pregnant (but hopefully, not all at once), and I need to get out and frolic in the sunshine so... away we go...
'Wait and see' is not a strategy. It's not even the red-headed step-child of a strategy. It's a cop-out. When somebody says that they're going to "wait and see" what happens with the job they hate, or the person they're dating who bores them to tears, or [fill in the blank], you don't need Google translation to understand that they're going to "ignore the situation, do exactly nothing and hope that someone else will take control of their lives and make everything happy happy joy joy."
What is it with people who assume that someone else will help them find a job, or a better way to do their makeup or a purpose for their life? Now, admittedly, I'm a Type A megalomaniac control-freak, but I find these people fascinating. Well, really what I find fascinating is their ability to lie so fluently to themselves. Is it condescending to admit that maybe I'm a little bit jealous? My ego is a harsh task-master. When I lie to myself, I'm cheating myself, and it drives me crazy. It keeps me up at night. (That does not apply, however, to my prodigious ability to lie to the mens I date. Ha!) But there are people who can seriously look me in the eye and say, "Oh, Carlota, I'm going to wait and see. I mean, my resume's not that bad, whatever, you know? I guess something will work out." It almost makes me a wee bit jealous.
But not really. Because you and I both know what will "work out": nothing. Instead, life will happen, day after day. You can ignore it, close your eyes to it, or blog about it. However, as many other people have noted, life goes on. So, if you're stuck in your life, you kinda stay stuck. You might eventually become comfortable with being stuck, it might become 'safe', it might become all you expect of yourself...but no, you don't just go from being stuck, to living a rewarding life, using all of your potential. You stay stuck. Which, I know from personal experience, sucks. So me personally? I'd always rather do the hard work and change what I can...since lying myself always took so much effort.
(Wanna get unstuck? Holla at me!)

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